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Ninja Turtle? Ghost Buster? Randy?

Posted May 15 2009 12:33am

Welp for some crazy reason I decided to go out for a run this morning, on the coldest morning yet, instead of the treadmill. It was 3 degrees out and it said it felt like -12 degrees. Holy moly.

This morning I was in the mood to go outside because:
  1. I wasn't at work
  2. I was in a happier mood because of #1 and because of Xmas coming
  3. I never get to run outside in the mornings
  4. No one would be outside to make fun of my mummy-looking-self
  5. I don't have pressing plans today so I could take as long as I wanted
  6. If Brian and his siblings could do it outside in the freezing, then I could do it outside in the freezing
I somehow made myself go 8.5 miles in that brutal weather and I somehow ran it in 1hr 11minutes, when it felt like I was running 15 minute miles. I was so bundled up I could barely move my legs; I had about 20 extra pounds on me.

I brought my Camelpak (I still get confused- is it Camelbak?) and tried taking a drink after 21 minutes of being outside. A freakin ice cube came out of it, no joke! All of the water in the straw was frozen! I've never seen that before.

Anyway, I'm glad I did it and it's all over. Now I just have to deal with a burnt-looking face. I forgot to cover up my cheeks against the wind; dangit.
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