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My Water Theory Worked: Drink, Mamas, Drink!

Posted Aug 23 2008 10:09pm

So I talked last week about the fact that I was returning from my long run spent, hurting and weighing more than two pounds less than I had when I started.

Chris talked to me about being hydrated enough, something that I have really been bad about. For some reason, I have always thought I have been drinking plenty on my long runs. I also take a gel pack with my water, so that halfway through the run I can get some carbs into my system in order to make it back home.

Problem was, I wasn’t drinking enough.

This morning I took along two two-liter bottles. In one I put Gatorade and in the other plain water. I also took a power bar that had some carbs in case my stomach started to growl. I have a tendency to get famished on my long runs, probably because I start off with an empty (or mostly empty) tank. Since I get up and run quite early, I don’t have a lot of time to fuel up food-wise. I sometimes will eat half a bagel, or half of a half. This morning I shoved half a banana down my throat before taking off, and of course it wasn’t enough: I felt it around mile 5.

Anyway, the two liters of liquid were gone by the time I returned, and though my stomach felt bloated and I actually heard a few gurgles because I’m not used to consuming so much liquid for a ten mile run, I had not lost any weight. So, good sign! I was only down a few tenths of a pound, not the whopping two-plus pounds of last week.

Hydrated, yes. Full of liquid, super yes. I hope that once I get used to consuming that much drink it will get easier.

On another note, I hydrated with gatorade rather than a gel pack. I really don’t like Gatorade-way too much sugar for my taste-but in all honesty I think it may have worked better in sustaining my energy than the gel packs do. Since I take the gel packs only once during my long runs, and I drink the gatorade throughout, I figured that the drink, though sickeningly sweet and sticky as all get out, was keeping me fueled at a more even pace than the gel pack would.

Hope all of your runs were great ones this weekend!

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