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My Third Half Marathon

Posted by Julie K.

I am beginning to train for my third half marathon -- in April. For the past two, I've used common sense to develop a training schedule, but I'd love recommendations for an actual "official" training schedule that folks have used...


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There are tons of books out there, but a 'general' way to structre your training could look something like this: Monday-Rest Tuesday-5-6 miles Wednesday-45 min. crosstraining Thursday-5-6 miles Friday-Rest Saturday-12 miles Sunday-Rest Then you could simply increase your mileage on Saturday a mile or two each each week for 2 weeks then back off a week and then resume increasing mileage on this day. EG- Saturday(1)-12 miles Saturday(2)-14 miles Saturday(3)-10 miles Saturday (4)-16 miles Etc... While this approach would get you to the finish line in all likelihood, the question is are you looking to 'just finish'?
Excellent advice -- thanks!!!
Oh, and Matt -- thanks -- I think I really am looking to "just finish." I suppose there is something to finishing with faster or better, but at this point, I really just want to do the full 13.1 and feel good about that. Maybe one day I'll feel the need for speed...
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