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Monday Blues Going Buh Bye!?!

Posted Sep 23 2009 4:55pm
I hate Mondays.

But yesterday wasn't half bad.

Monday's have now become my strength training days (which has alot to do with the reason I am beginning to like Mondays :).

So for the last 3 weeks I've been doing P90X Extreme Home Fitness Legs & Back workout.

Now I've heard that the more fit you are the more you sweat but this was ridiculous. I don't know if it was because I am finally honing in on how to do the exercises correctly and to the full extend of their strengthening power or if it was hot as all-heck in my apartment with the AC turned off but I have sweat more than I ever have before.

I felt so Gung-Ho and empowered by my increased sweating that instead of doing the 20 min P90X Extreme Home Fitness AB Ripper workout I decided to go for the gold and try my hand at the 60 min P90X Extreme Home Fitness Core Synergistics.

Unfortunately I had cut my pre-workout snack short (i.e. I had one Peanut Butter and Maria Cookie mini sandwich instead of my usual two which means I had 140 calories instead of my usual 280 pre-workout) so I started feeling woosie and sick about 20 minutes into the workout.

Oh, well ... there is always next week.

No luck with the morning run today. Got to bed by 10pm but didn't get to sleep till midnight so no-go. I may need to try taking some Melatonin (i.e. the natural occurring hormone that makes you sleepy at night) before bedtime for a little while so I can fall asleep by 10pm and hence wake up earlier. Tomorrow there is a Spinning Class I really want to do at 6am at the Gym. I'm hoping having to be somewhere at a certain time will help with the wake up issues.

Today, I have a 3 miler penciled in (which we all know will end up as a 4 miler) which I plan to do at the Gym on the Dread-mill ... I mean Treadmill :) for various reasons including: Ipod issues, Wardrobe dysfunctions and Weather factors:
  • Left my shuffle at my mom's
  • Only have long black pants and a black t-shirt to workout in ... which isn't going to happen on a Miami Summer day.
  • Every afternoon it's been raining cats and dogs.
My consolation is that I can squeeze in a Challenge Day being that there is a higher possibility of me doing it at the gym than anywhere else :)

Have a great Tuesday!
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