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Mama Bought a New Pair of Shoes: Far From Sexy, But Knees Feel Great

Posted Jul 22 2008 8:21pm

I posted earlier about needing a new pair of shoes, something that was not a flip flop. After months of knee pain, I realized that part of what was going on was my stride in the flip flop, which was tightening my leg muscle (back) and causing the side of my knee to hurt. It wouldn’t happen after a 9 miler; it would happen after I had been walking around in flops all day.

Anyway, I stopped at the mall on Saturday. That was a day! A 9 mile run, then I took my daughter to ice skating class (try doing that after 15 years of not skating AND sticking your foot in a skate when your feet are swollen from a run!). I picked up a pair of Skecher’s. They aresimilar to this pairand I love them! They’re like sneakers, with laces, only cuter, and brown, with a lace pattern on the side.

I wore them for the past three days and guess what? No knee pain! Are you kidding me? This is all it would have taken over the past few months?

I told my husband I really liked them, even though they weren’t the sexiest shoes I owned. “You’re right,” he said, nodding about the sexy part.

Hey, I’m a runner. What do I want more: To look good or to be able to do thatLong Beach Marathonin October? I’ll take both, of course. I want to look good; it’s not that I don’t. However, I’d much prefer my knees to stay in shape. Sorry sweetheart.

Anyway, if you are having knee pain, or foot or heel pain, and you frequently wear flip flops, I’d suggest checking out something else for a while to see if it puts an end to that pain.

My only issue: These won’t look good with the dresses I own, so until the end of summer I definitely need to find a cute pair of sandals.

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