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M-Cubed for 3/21/2011

Posted Mar 21 2011 4:01am
Monday Morning Musings for March Twenty-First, Twenty Eleven. A smattering of thoughts that alone don't constitute a blog post but together end up here on Monday morning.

- Happy Spring! Yesterday marked the 1st day of Spring 2011 and here in northeast Ohio, we topped out at 60F. It was a beautiful day. My oldest daughter and I headed to the trails of West Branch State Park for a few miles of peace and quiet. It was priceless.

- Mark Zuckerberg really did pull a big one by inventing Facebook...or as "The Social Network" stealing the idea from fellow students at Harvard. Unlike MySpace, I don't see it fading away. It has become a vehicle for countless things. Movies, TV, news outlets, businesses,..yada..yada..yada.  There is really no limit. For me, it's definitely something I use to stay in touch and see what  others are up to, but honestly, it's the news feed of the things I most want to follow. Military things, especially, are of particular interest. Not only do each of the services use Facebook heavily but commands, ships, and operations do, too. As near to real time as you can's all there...and they all exploit it big time.  I have found it most intriguing to watch the Navy updates multiple times daily with pics and video of the humanitarian mission in Japan. I actually volunteered to go for two different things but wasn't selected for either. Then, when we launched missile attacks on Libya over the weekend along with our allies, pics and video were there a few hours later. Whether you are a fan or not of Facebook, you can't deny how it has transformed the delivery of information across the globe.

- It's been awhile since I've mentioned our debt snowball. The 7-Step plan is linked on the right since so many people read that and requested help with it. For us, we're approaching the $50,000 debt pay-down be reached within the month. Credit cards, both cars, and oh yea...more credit cards...all in that number.  The only thing hanging in that number is my car and we're only a few weeks away before title in hand.  We're very happy because we're only 15 1/2 months into the snowball. Had we not started, I'd bet you that none would be paid down and we'd be deeper in debt. Living to a budget, approaching it as a team, and using cash only for everything has changed so much and we're so thankful for it!

- My girls and I watched most of "Reagan" on the History Channel HD on Saturday. I couldn't believe how this documentary caught their attention..."Mom, did you know President Reagan saved 77 people as a lifeguard?!" said Madeline. I also had no idea that he was a liberal Democrat at first until his gig with GE, traveling the country pitching their new GE appliances where he met face to face with industry and small business owners. This experience drew him to the right where he became more conservative. But, while we was still more liberal, he was big into unions and actually was president of the SAG (Screen Actors Guild)...union for the actors. You know that awards show preceding the Oscars each year? The SAG Awards? Yep, he was big into that. He was also drafted during World War II but had such horrible vision that he stayed stateside and made commercials and propaganda commercials for the Army.  Interesting stuff, eh?! Get it here .

- Better late than never, I suppose. A few days before Valentine's Day last month, my girls and I headed to Kent for the Father/Daughter Dance. We had a great time and I went in my full dress uniform. The local paper normally covers it with a full page of photos but never did...until yesterday. Turns out they caught my youngest and me dancing. Here's a pretty low quality pic I took of it in the get the idea. :-)

- Lastly for today, I've had a very tough past two weeks mentally for multiple reasons which have no place here on my blog. As the word "discouragement" defined yesterday (except for that wonderful time on the trails with my daughter), I ran across this quote from the Reverend Billy Graham. It is SO true. Perhaps someone else, instead of just me, my find peace in it: "The Christian life is not a constant high. I have my moments of deep discouragement. I have to go to God in prayer with tears in my eyes, and say, 'O God, forgive me,' or 'Help me.'"

Have a great week everyone, Happy Spring, and Happy Trails!
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