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M-Cubed for 2/21/2011

Posted Feb 21 2011 7:49pm
Monday Morning Musings for February Twenty-First, Twenty Eleven. A smattering of thoughts that alone don't constitute a blog post but together end up here on Monday morning.

- Sometimes, a line has to be drawn.  The key is to know when to draw that line.  That only comes with wisdom and living this race called "life."

- As you may notice, there are a few things changed up on today's M-Cubed post. New blog header from my hike yesterday and the deletion of my Facebook link to my Board of Education election page.  I have decided not to pursue that seat.  For those of you who showed your support, my thanks to you.

- We all have times when we feel the need to escape, unplug, and just give ourselves a chance to reset and reboot. My locale of choice is one where the dirt and rocks are beneath me, the trees around me, creeks are in my way to cross, and the only "noise" is a distant woodpecker, chirping trees, scurrying chipmunks under the dead leaves, and God's landscape around me.  Yesterday, I headed high up into the mountains and purposely did not run but instead hiked "with a purpose" ten miles on the Appalachian Trail. I didn't want to get done, per se, I wanted to be out there for hours and just witness to His creation and breathe in deep the air found in the mountains.  It really is different, I promise you.  Of course, my Canon G11 accompanied me.   28 photos here for your enjoyment .  When I saw the photo which is my new blog header, it was an instant decision for a new header...I had to get the snow off my blog.  After all, March is almost here!

- Last week, I was in southern California with the Navy.  (I know...tough life, eh?!) While on my off hours, I saw a few movies and one night, jumped on the Pacific Coast Highway and headed south to Huntington Beach for dinner with a few other sailors who were with me for the week. The restaurant was right on the beach and was downright amazing.  I'm a big fan of calamari but have never had anything like the calamari in Seattle a few years back.  Instead of the deep fried, previously frozen variety we find in the Midwest, it was strips of squid, like steak fries, and fried. Well, this restaurant had their own, fresh variety and it was amazing...just like Seattle's Pike Place Market.  Then, I had a Herb and Parmesan crusted Opah fresh fish, mixed greens, and whole grain rice. Best fish I have ever had. Absolutely amazing.  (Calamari shown on left/top, Opah on left/bottom)

- I'm looking for some help from you.  Here's what I need and need some suggestions: a laptop that is inexpensive, runs Windows 7, and is known for reliability. I'm a recently admitted Apple addict but I must have a Windows machine, unfortunately, for this one.  Webcasting/Skype capability is a priority and a webcam that won't die on me. Dell used to be my computer of choice but in recent years, has dived in its ratings. I also had a small netbook crap out on me earlier this year. If you have an opinion and would like to share it, please e-mail me .  Thanks in advance!

- To my best friend, this is for you ...and us.  Thank you for always standing by my side...for the past 18 years, and for at least 36 more.  Together, we will always defy gravity . (linked due to copyright permissions...unable to embed) Turn up your volume and get the same chills I did moments ago .

Have a great week, everyone, and find your trail and blaze it!
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