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M-Cubed for 2/14/2011

Posted Feb 14 2011 8:36am
Monday Morning Musings for February Fourteenth, Twenty Eleven. A smattering of thoughts that alone don't constitute a blog post but together end up here on Monday morning.

- FIRST OF ALL, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to my bride of over 18 years! I hope your day is filled with hearts, chocolate, and a plethora of caffeine and floral aromas!  And thank you...thank you for filling my favorite 'card' in the whole world!  I LOVE YOU!

- While we're on the subject of love, I had the honor of holding both of my girls' hands Saturday night as we hit the town, starting with dinner at The Pufferbelly in Kent followed by the 15th Annual Father/Daughter Valentine's Day Dance at the Kent Methodist Church which reminded me of Prom.  It was decked out, floor to ceiling, with even the red "carpet" all the way in.  We had a fantastic evening!  I kept the night a surprise until just a few hours before it time to go and they were equally thrilled.  Dressed in red dresses and with baby rose wrist corsages, they were beautiful.  It was the best evening I have ever had as a father...I'll treasure it for a long, long time.  Those of you linked up with me on Facebook, you can find the photos there.

- I won't give details but just some advice.  I don't care what hotel you stay in, pull the covers back and check the sheets as soon as you get there.  Don't assume those sheets were changed!  'nuf said!

- Want to support local orphans and orphanages worldwide and burn some calories?  On Saturday, May 7th is the Run for the Orphans in Hudson at Seton Catholic School and goes through Hudson Springs Park.  10K (6.2mi), 5K, and 1 Mile Fun Run options.  Mark this one on your calendars and support a great cause! Event site here .

- We saw "Just Go With It" on Friday night...Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston's new flick.  1 of 4 stars...I think.  I slept through half of it.  Instead, see 127 Hours, The King's Speech, and The Fighter...all three!  They are all nominated for Best Picture at this month's Oscar's and I've seen them all.  My prediction still stands: The King's Speech will take home the grand prize.

- Seen "The Social Network"?  OK, probably a lot of you answered "yes" to that question.  OK, how about this...heard of Wael Ghonim?  He works for Google. He lives in Cairo, Egypt.  You know...where the leader just fell and democracy is pushing in?  Well, there is a story you need to read about how this guy, anonymously, led over 350,000 fans while demanding the regime fall in Egypt.  By day, he ran a $1M budget at Google in marketing for that region and alongside, he was managing a YouTube page of videos of the protests and police brutality AND a Facebook page where he organized protests, posted videos, and brought people together. He was taken into custody for about 10 days but had a backup admin of his page to keep it going.  Even the government tried to block Facebook a few times but was unsuccessful.  During his 60 Minutes interview last night before the Grammy Awards, he praised the regime.  Why?  He praised them for trying to block Facebook and fueling the fire that was building within it.  It went viral and social networking became a huge driving force in the protests and mobilizing the citizens of Egypt.   Here's the short story of how it all happened from his perspective.  A really good story and testimony to the power of Facebook and one positive way it can be used...whether you like it or not!

- While on one hand I get plenty of opposition to my debt pay-down strategy and a few who object to my posted transparency, even though no personal info has ever been revealed, there is PLENTY of interest from people anonymously who are still trickling in nearly 2 weeks after posting it.  I don't even know how many Google Doc shells I've sent out now and many long, detailed e-mails about where people are now and where they want to go.  It is all so inspiring!  I love hearing the stories and offering up answers to the questions as they are posed to me.  While many appear complex on their side, it always seems clear to me and I can offer some objective advice. More and more, I'd love to be a financial counselor...but purely in volunteer skin.  I was "officially" one with MetLife a few years back and knowing now what I do now...I was NO financial counselor!  Ironically...I canceled the very whole life policies I sold myself about 4 years ago...just 5 days ago.  They were only costing me peanuts every month...they were for my girls.   Back then, I really, really believed in them...why else would I have bought them?!  But, the truth about whole life policies and the myth they represent is clear they had to go.  That was the one "secret" chain-link that finally broken to our old way of doing things.  To close today...this cartoon says it all. It is SO true!  You just need to get that debt snowball rolling and it is so much easier than walking the "normal" path of life! Get rollin'!
Have a great week, everyone, and Happy Trails!
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