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M-Cubed for 1/24/2011

Posted Jan 24 2011 5:08am
Monday Morning Musings for January Twenty-Fourth, Twenty Eleven. A smattering of thoughts that alone don't constitute a blog post but together end up here on Monday morning.

- Steelers vs. Packers: again...don't care and I turn the volume down during game time and the volume up during the commercials.  I love to watch what brilliance or what garbage the marketing teams turn out from these companies who drop millions for only seconds of airtime during the Super Bowl.  According to Reuters news service, 30 seconds will cost about $3 million. CBS claims that 90% of the ads have been sold out (as of Saturday), GM is returning after a 2 year hiatus, PEPSI is running at least SIX commercials, and Coca Cola and Anheuser-Busch have yet to confirm how many they'll have.  Doritos is set again to "crash" the Super Bowl.  My favorite Super Bowl commercial of all time?  I honestly can't remember if it was debuted at the Super Bowl or not...doesn't matter.  From 2005:

- With the negative news that comes out of the Iraq/Afghanistan region, I read a story on Sunday morning that was very good that it is saving American lives.  The main way the enemy attacks us over there is via convoys and roadside bombs (IEDs = Improvised Explosive Devices).  For many of our Army and Marine units deployed all over the country in FOBs (Forward Operating Bases), they have to be supplied with the gear they need to operate.  A main supply, critical to them has been power their vehicles and generators.  The generators alone, on average, suck up 20gal a day.  Thanks to a new invention, they can cut that to an average of 2.5gal a day using solar energy.  Two solutions: one a tarp they can drape over their tent which can power a lighting system and 4 computers and a more hearty solar panel system which can do much more.   Here's the story .

- "Survey Says!"= Keep Blogging!  As you can see, my bid for the Board of Election seat has replaced my "keep it or trash it" blog survey on the right.  Within 5min of posting that survey over a week ago, 2 votes came in to shut it down.  It was "crickets" after that for that question.  Overwhelmingly, the remaining votes said to keep it going so that's the plan.  Sounds good to me!  A friend and co-worker said to me last week she didn't know what I'd do with all this "stuff" in my brain if I didn't blog.  Point taken!  Here's the breakdown of the vote: 40 votes total > 5% said shut it down, 62% (25 votes) said "Continue!", 25% (9 votes) would buy the RTRSBM book! (yikes!), and 57% (22 votes) said to continue and publish the book.  Yes, the percentages don't add up to 100% because folks could vote twice.  For those who voted...thanks!  Continuing on...

- It has been cold...downright cold.  Waking up on Saturday morning and heading down to mens' breakfast at my church, my car's thermostat read a minus 2 degrees.  MINUS two!  But, it was a sunny -2F.  Gorgeous sunrise that cracked the horizon precisely at 7:56am.  Yesterday, it was sunny yet again and I was ready this time for the sunrise outside.  Armed with my trusty iPhone, I headed out just as the sun cracked the horizon and shown through the bare trees of my backyard with Old Glory standing the watch.  I never, ever, ever get tired of staring up at Old Glory and the Navy Jack.  Mornings like this are no different.  Calm, steady, and ready she stands.  She represents so much and only asks for respect from her people.  Anyway (sorry, I get all wrapped up in "all things patriotic"), I snapped this great photo as the light beamed across the frozen, crystal-lined snow.  Beautiful, isn't it?

- The last week of January is here. So long, I say...Spring is on the way! How do I know?  The play-sets and lawn fertilizer is out at Sam's Club.  I'm sure lawn mowers are being assembled in the stock room as I type.  

- For my fellow neighbors in my hometown, I put a lot of time in this past weekend to getting up a new site on Facebook to support our 4th attempt at the levy. will now be the launching pad for everything including event scheduling, webcasts, and educating the public with the facts.  In my opinion, our community (like most) thrives on rumors of fiction and not on the facts.  Delivering the facts is quite difficult, actually, because so very few people show up for the meetings.  Enter Facebook. I intent to exploit this communication medium to its fullest and leave no stone unturned.  I believe that an educated voter can't vote no for our kids again.  With both levy committee meetings and board of education meetings combined, I don't think another person has attended more meetings in the past year than me...well, maybe Amy B. has (my campaign treasurer)...but I believe I have the facts and can answer them objectively.  I have zero financial interest in the levy passing...none.  My taxes will take a pretty hefty jump, actually.  I am a father, though, and graduate of the school system and I want to see it continue for generations to come.  For those reasons alone, I will fight for it...when so very few people will.

- With nothing but football on yesterday (which I couldn't care less about...Steelers...really?  No thanks.), I watched a few movies.  One I watched alone last night...Iron Man.  I had never seen it but always wanted to.  Great flick and now I need to see Iron Man 2.  First, though, I watched "The Majestic" again...this time with my girls.  Wow, what a great movie.  Honorable ideals to be taught in that movie and a good dose of patriotism and a small town's love/loss with many of it's sons in World War II.  Luke Trimble, the hero of the story and played by Jim Carrey, had many quotes I wish I could remember.  This one, though, is my favorite: "When bullies rise up, the rest of us have to beat them back down, whatever the cost. That's a simple idea I suppose, but one worth giving everything for."  For those who know me well, I'm guessing you'd agree that this quote would suit me well as a life quote.  I'd agree.  Haven't seen "The Majestic"?  I highly recommend it >> movie trailer .

Have a great week, everyone, and Happy Trails!
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