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Learning How to Swim-And Oh, I Did My Mini Tri Today

Posted Sep 26 2008 2:53pm

So today I did my weekly mini-triathlon. I started with a 25 minute run, going a little over the 2 mile mark I had planned, and then a 20 minute bike. I got the girls ready after, ate some breakfast and headed to the gym for a 30 minute swim. Overall I ran a bit slower than I wanted to do (I was hoping for 9 minute miles and it was a bit slower), the bike I have no idea how well I did or did not do, and the swim, well, let’s just say I need some help!

I love swimming, but I really don’t think I’m very fast. Or that I look very good. I haven’t perfected the whole flip and turn technique, which means I tap the wall and turn. I’m sure this is ineffective, but when I try to flip I wind up with water up my nose and I come up sputtering.

I think, too, I probably resemble a fish just learning to swim - only not that good. I have no idea where my hands should be placed, how I should stroke, if I should kick a lot, a little or none. I kick none because I read in tri you want to conserve leg energy for the bike and run.

A girl was in the lane with me, and then she moved to the lane beside me when it opened, and she got ahead. So of course I am so competitive I got this streak and started swimming as quickly as I could. I felt as though my strokes were not at all efficient. I stayed with her, but quite honestly had I been in open water I probably would have drown! I was out of breath and felt my technique was all wrong.

So . . . I came home and did some research on swimming. I read a few articles and then found this series of videos on You Tube. This one shows how to stroke with the arms. He has a series of videos on You Tube; I can’t embed them, but you can check them out there.

I’ll practice these techniques next time I swim, which should be Tuesday.

Going to do 13 miles on Saturday. Can’t wait; it is my favorite running trail around here and the turnaround point is awesome. Great ocean shots.

Happy Running!

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