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Inhale, exhale

Posted Oct 22 2008 6:15pm
I had my lung function test this morning. I was assuming it was like the cardiac treadmill test I had; a couple of minutes of not-very-hard running. Uh, no. I didn't run for long but I ran hard enough to sweat a bucket full. I feel like I actually had a workout this morning. Wuss. But I'm excited about finally finding out what the heck is going on, although my money is on exercise induced asthma. Wouldn't it be nice if I was able to breathe easy during a run?

I ran last night with Pam. We did our usual short short run. It was pretty warm out -- I wasn't expecting that. The run went much better than Tuesday's run; my leg didn't cramp and collapse like it did then. We had to take a longer than usual walk break just so I could catch my breath though.

The pictures from Shamrock Marathon are in. I got an email with four sample pictures of me. Except two of them are two different guys, one running the half marathon. Not a very good checking system there. There are absolutely no finish line pictures, although I'm sure I saw photographers there. I went through about 6000 pictures in the lost and found and there was not one single picture from the finish line. That's pretty bad folks! Although there are pictures of everyone running down the boardwalk about a tenth of a mile from the finish, there's nothing with the clock or the arch or anything. Nada! I was looking forward to a finish line picture and I can imagine that someone who has set a PR would have liked one also. All the pictures were pretty mediocre quality, maybe the photographers were just having a bad day. I know it's tough when people have jackets on over their bibs, but it's not too hard to tell male from female. C'mon!

Did some knitting on the secret project last night. It's going well. I may have to make one for myself some day!

I'm considering running the brand spanking new race in San Ramon this weekend. The 5k that is, not the half marathon. Even I'm not that nuts. Normally. But I'd really like to run my hometown half. I'll have to wait and see how tired I am on Saturday. Looks like I'll do almost anything rather than my taxes, which is what I'm planning on doing this weekend. I'd procrastinate, but I keep putting it off ...
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