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Indian Head Massage - Relatively new to North American spas.

Posted by Anne D.

Unlike the majority of people I know, head massages have never been one of my favourite touch therapies. If, during a body treatment or facial, there’s an added bonus of head or foot massage, I usually go with the foot massage. I’m a bit fan of Reflexology and in my books, foot massage is the next best thing. A couple of days ago I experienced an Indian Head Massage for the first time and I think it may have converted me. At the hands of Deb Caruso the owner/spa therapist at the tiny Serenity Spa at Caruso’s B&B on King located in the delightful town of Picton, Ontario (about a three-hour drive east of Toronto) I discovered what people from Indian – where the Indian Head Massage originated over a 1,000 years ago – have long known. The Indian Head Massage, a.k.a. Champissage, is one incredibly relaxing treatment – and I only experienced the 30 minute version. The 45-minute version incorporates essential oils such Serenity Spa’s signature blend of sweet almond, rose, sandlewood, carrot see and geranium. It is advised that you do not wash the oils out until the next day.

Caruso, a passionate wellness professional, explains that Champissage, part of the Ayurvedic science of life, is a massage that focuses on the face, head, neck, shoulders and upper arms which are important energy centers within the body. The area is where tension and stress usually accumulates for most of us resulting in stiff necks and shoulders as well as headaches. She explains that the treatment works with the three upper chakras – throat, third eye and crown – and that there are colours and breathing out sounds (like “om) associated with each.

She uses a firm but gentle rhythm is release blockages and relieve tension and pain which can effect a person’s level of energy. It can also be good for things such as migraines, insomnia, sinusitis, even nightmares. Mental benefits can include a sense of calm, release from anxiety and depression, clearer thinking and the letting go of stagnant energy.

For rushed individuals who don’t have time for a traditional full-body massage, the Indian Head Massage can be enjoyed fully clothed while you’re sitting in a chair.

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