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I am going to sign up for my first Half Marathon in September if all goes well. How should I be tackling the training

Posted by Barb

I am not a great runner and the most I have run to day is 10km in one go. This will in turn help me reach my goal of doing a half ironman next year in May.


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Build your foundation.  I made the mistake of going from a 5K to 10k with very few long runs in my training, thinking, "No big deal. Only three additional miles."  FAIL  

The same holds true with moving from 10K to a half-marathon.  Just this morning during our group run, we were talking about miles 7 - 9, and how rough they become.  Have got to build your mileage base slowly but steadily... now!  Which half are you doing?

We'll be flying up to Chicago to run the Half Sept 12th.  Happy running!  Feel free to stop by the Turtles blog if you're interested in an online running community ~ bloggers and runners of all ages and experience levels.  


Take care!



Congratulations!  Starting training now should give you a good chance of finishing your race feeling great!

I've done a lot of half-marathons, and most of them I followed a pretty similar training schedule (20 weeks long).  It's worked well for me (no injuries).  If you'd like to check it out, I've posted it on my blog (see article "Your First Half Marathon - a Detailed 20-week Training Plan").

Oh, I strongly recommend doing a regular yoga practice during your training - distance running can easily lead to tight knees, hips, and lower-back (again, from experience).

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