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How/why did you start training for marathons?

Posted by Kristen D.

I'm interested to know....

What got you started in running marathons? How did you start your running career? Road Races/5Ks/etc.?

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I needed to change my life. I swore that some day I'd run a marathon. I started in Feb 2007 by running 1-2 miles. I had agreed to pace my uncle at his first 100 mile race in October. I started with a training plan geared toward a half marathon. After that I signed up for a full marathon and did that, then on and on until 100 miles.

In one full year I went from running 1-2 miles to running a 100 mile ultra marathon in 23hr 23min, placing 11th overall. I'm now running trail ultras regularly. Next year I am scheduled to run four 100 mile trail runs, and one 150 miler.

There's a certain satisfaction in setting goals and meeting those goals, and pushing the bar higher. One of my favorite quotes is - Keep pushing the "limit" and you'll discover it doesn't exist. It's much deeper than this, but in general, this is why I started.

I started running while living in Phoenix. I took a new job in Massachusetts, and I started reading about New England. I read about the Boston Marathon and thought that would be great to run that race. I lived in Massachusetts and never did run Boston, but I ran the Green Mountain Marathon on Grand Island, Vermont twice and the Foxboro Marathon (south of Boston) twice. I didn't run Boston because I would have had to cut 1/2 hour off my marathon times to qualify, and I didn't have the time to do that type of training. I considered Foxboro as "my" marathon.

I was born with a stiff skeleton and can't do sports that require quick reaction, jumps, etc., but I can run distance, and I enjoy it. I've been running for 36 years because I enjoy it, and I hope to have another 30 years of enjoyable running. 

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