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How To Gear Up Heroic Dungeons in Mop

Posted Dec 20 2012 2:30am

According to this unhelpful comment by Manbullpig, apparently it only takes 15 minutes to gear up for heroics at 90. Heroic Cataclysm dungeons require an overall minimum average item level of 329 before you can queue for them in the  World of Warcraft  dungeon finder. While practice running these dungeons cannot be underestimated, legit mop gold, here are five ways to obtain plenty of item level 333 blue gear that you’ll need before you can queue for heroics. wowwowgold1

Regular Mode Dungeons 
Bosses in regular mode Lost City of the Tol’vir, Grim Batol, and Halls of Origination will drop ilvl 333 blues. Additionally, completing dungeon quests will give you more blue items to choose from. Running random regular mode dungeons is also a great way to start accumulating justice points to redeem for heroic level ilvl 346 gear.

Completing all of the quest lines in Uldum and Twilight Highlands will provide many blue items to add to your gear arsenal. fast  mists of pandaria gold,Questing is also an extremely easy way to build your reputation with several factions.

Reputation Rewards 
Raising your reputation with all of the Cataclysm factions can help you get several pieces of high level gear. Quests alone will get you honored with Guardians of Hyjal, Ramkahen, Therazane, The Earthen Ring, and Wildhammer (or Dragonmaw). At honored you have access to ilevel 333 blues; revered gets you ilvl 346 blues; and exalted will give you access to ilvl 359 epics. As soon as you’re friendly with each of these factions, you can purchase a tabard to wear in dungeons for additional reputation gains.

Crafted Items 
Crafted items can help fill in the holes in your collection of gear.pure hand work  mop gold, If you are able to collect the materials and find someone to craft them, this will often be cheaper than purchasing them outright on the auction house. Use caution when purchasing ilvl 339 PvP items to help raise your item level, as the overall stats will be weaker for PvE. (This is mostly only an issue for tanks.)

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