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Happy Valentine’s Day, Beat the Stress and the Tax Man!

Posted Feb 18 2009 12:02pm

How does this picture make you feel?

If the answer is calm, good job!

If. however, the answer is anxious because you 1) know you need to destress but 2) just can’t seem to do it, then this post is for you!

Whether you are a mom who runs marathons, a dad who runs 5Ks, or a single gal trying to lose a few pounds or simply lead a healthier life, chances are at some point or the other (like right now!) you are under some stress.

Hey, it’s a fact of life, one that we will never entirely defeat.

We can, however, learn to understand that we are under stress by recognizing the signs and then work on a way to at least eliminate some of the tension in our lives.

Are YOU stressed out?

If you look like this each morning, I would have to say yes!

Not sure? Take this fun little quiz to find out!

What are some classic signs of stress?

Screaming at the spouse because he’s left his clothes in the middle of the floor yet again is not a sign of stress, but locking him out of the house because he had to work late again and dinner is cold could be.

Playing princesses with the girls-not a sign. Dressing up like a princess and screaming at the Starbucks clerk, “I said call me Princess Kathy and give me another shot of espresso!” could be.

Other signs?

Headaches, tension in our shoulders and backs, injuries, depression, a sense of never getting anything done while running at 100 miles per hour every single day - all of these and of course more.

I get the twitchy eye when I’m tired or stressed, and I’m also prone to those nasty little mouth ulcers. I can always tell when I’m run down, which is good because it is as they say a sign.

The bad thing? I don’t always listen.

I was reading my Yoga Journal the other day and the editor’s letter struck a chord with me. She was talking about moving, and how it was one of the most stressful events that one could tackle. Though I didn’t feel stressed out during our cross country move, I can look back now and see I was. My eye was twitching so badly I had to wear sunglasses so I wouldn’t be accused of winking at everyone I met, and I could barely sleep at night, even though I was exhausted.

If you find yourself under a lot of stress, these tips may help:

  • Slow down. If your body is telling you that it is tired and needs a break, give it a break (I posted about this earlier as well). This doesn’t mean eliminate working out from your loaded schedule, or sleeping for three days in a row (though hey, if you can get that many winks do it!), but it does mean taking some time to just recharge.
  • Cut out the caffeine. I think we (meaning java lovers) have a tendency to rely more and more on coffee the more stressed we get. Of course, this makes it harder for us to get rest when we need rest, and a lot of caffeine will also stimulate our bodies, which can cause even more stress. Try to at least cut back on the coffee intake until you are feeling better, or at least until you stop looking like this:

  • Get more sleep. Seriously. Skip a workout if you need to, go to bed at 8 PM, don’t take work home, and tell your family that you are beat. You need to get rest in order for your body to recharge. If you keep running yourself on empty for too long you’ll crash, and that’s not good for anyone-y0u or the people that you love.
  • Try to keep exercising. Numerous studies have shown that exercise makes us feel better - so don’t give up your daily runs unless you are so beat you can’t get out the door. If that is the case, try cutting out a few sessions each week, but do try to keep up with some. It may be that once you are out the door you feel great upon getting the heart pumping.

Saturday’s run:

I did 8.5 miles today - I think.

Pace? Unsure.

Why? Garmin, my love, which I thought was charged, was not! I got about .84 miles in and it said batteries low and I heard that awful galoop noise and the watch was black. Ah well. Sometimes it is nice to run without  a watch. My knee felt strong, and it felt great to get closer to double digits, FINALLY! I’m dying to go 10, which is funny since 10 seemed so short a while ago.

Anyone know of any good races in June, July, August? I’d like to do one marathon in the summer months and then either Palm Beach in December (probably, so mom can go) and something again in the latter part of winter, maybe LA or, even better, San Diego’s rock and roll marathon. I wanted to do this last year and couldn’t recover in time from Surf City (which, by the way, I heard was a gorgeous run this year-after last year’s rain!)

My Romantic Valentine’s Day Plans

Now, off to the tax guy to figure out the best way to do taxes for my businesses. I’ve had two issues: my marketing company and the new personal training business.

I have not been as organized as I’ve needed to be with keeping track of expenses, which means i can never really claim anything because i don’t have receipts to back what I am saying. So, I am hoping for some good tips on this as well as some information regarding estimated taxes so I don’t get hit with a whopping bill at the end of each year.

Happy Valentine’s Day, running moms, dads and single people! Hoping that you get lotsa love today from your spouses or your children or your pets or yourself on this (ridiculously over advertised) day. I’m sure hubby and i will crack open a bottle of Cab while we watch our home improvement shows tonight. Woo hoo! Romance is NOT dead when you turn 39 25~

Take care of yourself, and sleep if you need it!

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