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Happy Saturday, A Change in Plans Can Be Hard for a Runner!

Posted Mar 07 2009 2:17pm

Let’s face it: Runners are oftentimes rigid in schedule when it comes to getting that run in.

We say, ” I have to get up and do this at 5 AM, no matter what.”  We get no sleep, it rains, it snows, it ices, we are in pain, and yet we run.

This happens to me, and oftentimes I am up before 5, like 4:50, and then I can’t rest afterwards because I’m fearful I’ll fall back to sleep and miss my run.

It’s particularly difficult as a mother of two young children to get those runs in when the time has passed. I can juggle running with one of the girls in the stroller if it is a short run; two girls, though, doesn’t work, and I only have 9-1 Monday through Friday to fit in that one run that I’ve missed with the one girl - along with the thousands of other things I have to get done.

I’ve been working on being more flexible with my workouts , though.

Take last night. Husband said, ” Let’s have a glass of wine.”

I winced. It is Friday night, I wanted to remind him; I don’t drink wine on Friday because Saturday is my long run day.

“I know, I know, you can’t, you have to run tomorrow, ” said H with a downcast look.

So I sucked it up and said, “Okay, pour me a glass.”

Three glasses later we headed for bed, happy, giddy, and glad that we had spent some fun time together during an unscheduled time.

And guess what? I didn’t get in my ten miles this AM but I got in my Sunday’s 5 miles, and I did it faster than I have been doing it!

I think the freedom of tossing my schedule in the trash can and doing something unconventional really pushed me forward to a faster pace. It was awesome!

Now for tomorrow: I Should do that 10 miles, right? But I’m not sure I’m going to. I honestly am not missing those long runs right now and since I am not in training I may skip a week or two of anything over 8 or so miles. My time is getting much faster now that I am training for speed rather than distance, and I may just work on speed until the race season is over (a few more 5Ks, and one 10K) and then start training for distance again later in the summer to prepare for my Nov/Dec race.

And how do you feel when something gets in the way of your scheduled running plan? Are you:

  • Easy to please, as long as you get it in?
  • As rigid as a board, frustrated that something got in the way?
  • Somewhere in the middle, depending upon the day and your stress level?

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