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Friday’s Fun Fitness Idea and Taking Some Time Off!

Posted Feb 13 2009 4:52pm

Welcome toFriday’s Fun Fitness Idea!

Today I’m taking the girls to the beach for a few hours. It’s my day off-I always take Friday off, minus some soft yoga and pilates moves to loosen my body, and of course a few turns on the foam roller-but I thought I’d toss this out to you. If you are BORED with your routine, GET OUTSIDE! I say this most weeks because it is so true!

Head to the park or the beach with the kids or solo.

Use the equipment available to do something physical. For instance:

  1. Do some tricep dips on a nearby bench or bleacher
  2. Sprint in the sand on the beach or around a track at a park
  3. Do pull ups on the monkey bars (who cares what the other mothers think?!)
  4. Use the stairs at the park to step up and back while working on lunges
  5. Take your yoga mat and weights to the park and do your workout outside! Once you get over feeling foolish, trust me, you will feel GREAT!

Take Time Off

Think you don’t need a break from the daily workout grind? Think again! Even Paula Radcliffe admits that she takes time off of running after a marathon.

In fact, she takes off two weeks! That is more than I took off , and she is way faster and stronger than I will ever be. So take advice from her and the other pros-if you are feeling sluggish or tired or if you need a break, take it. (Check out more of her tips here!)

How can you tell if you are working out too much?

  1. You are overtired. This can be due to a number of factors-working too much, taking care of the kids, not getting enough shut eye-but you do need to take some time off from working out if you are too tired; otherwise you are setting yourself up for injury
  2. Your periods are changing. This can be a clue that you are over-exercising, though it can also happen if you are doing distances. If you are losing your period and you are sluggish and drawn out, you may need a break.
  3. You dread your workout. Ever have those days when you just HATE the run, the lifting of weights, the core work? Maybe you are doing too much! Switch it up a bit if you can - head outside instead of to the gym or vice versa, do some swimming instead of the standard running, take your bike to the beach or mountains instead of around the block. Sometimes a change of scenery is required; othertimes a complete day or two off is what is needed.
  4. You are losing too much weight. Some people don’t think this is a problem but it certainly is for some. Losing too much weight, to the point of looking more gaunt than a runway fashion model on crack, is not good! You need to have some meat on those bones, girl, so if you are losing too much weight, if people are commenting on how thin you are, if you know you are too thin but you are addicted to working out-take a break (or eat more calories!)

I’m off to the beach now with the girls, to splash in the waves and chase the birds.

Next week I’m doing a 10K on Saint Simon’s Island. It’s called Dolphin Day Race and should be a lot of fun. I’m hoping to run it at a 8:30 pace, but am pretty sure it will be more like a 9 minute mile. I’m ok with that too. As long as the knee holds up, I’ll be fine!

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