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Friday’s Fun Fitness: Do It Outside!

Posted Jan 23 2009 3:52pm

It has been cold here lately, down in the 20s in the early morning, up only to 40 in the afternoon. We’ve been spending a lot of time indoors, other than my four day a week running schedule. Since I run early morning, I’ve had to really layer up, and even my gloves are not match against the cold winds that have been blowing before the sun rises. My fingers remain frozen long after I’m inside and finished with my workout.

So today when the sun and the warmth made its appearance, I celebrated. Fridays I spend sleeping in (no 5AM workout for this gal!) and I do my workout at home in the day at some point when I have time. The workout consists of legs, core and back along with some stretches. Not much cardio, since I get enough of that the rest of the week.

Today, after stoppin gat the bookstore to do some research on a story I’m writing and to play trains with my daughter in the kid’s department, I asked my daughter if she wanted to ride her bike. Her answer: An emphatic YES! (Even she was tired of being indoors!)

So I pulled my yoga mat, stability ball, and weights downstairs and outside, and there on the driveway in the middle of the sunshine I did my workout!

Are you bored with your fitness routine? Looking for a change of pace? Want to incorporate your workout with some fun time with the kids?

Head outside!

We played hide and seek for a while. While I looked for my daughter (who cleverly hid, every single time, behind the car!) I did my lunges and calf raises (stand on feet flat against the ground, legs spread a little more than hip width apart: raise up onto toes, count to three, lower down.)

I did my crunches and core work on the mat while we also played in the dirt. Yes, it did get me a little dusty, but hey, there’s nothing like exercising AND smelling the fresh earth! Plus my daughter thought it was hysterical!

I did my shoulders while we hung out not doing much of anything. Since I didn’t completely finish the workout, now that they are at rest time I’m going to do a few more exercises.

It is possible to get your exercise in at odd hours of the day, and to do so in a fun way.

If you arehaving a difficult time getting motivated with your fitnress routine, chances are you are B-O-R-E-D!

Have you changed things up in a while, or are you still doing the same exercises you were doing as a junior in high school? (Oh, by the way, if you are, you need to make some changes-your body will stop responding if you go the same way, same time, same pace all of the time-switch it up-do a variety of ab exercises, changing out every few weeks-run fast one day, slow the next-you get my meaning!)

Just like with long runs, after a while they can become redundant. If this happens, do something new. Take a new path. Explore a different part of the city (or country, or beach, or trail). Run your same route backwards, opposite of what you typicall run.

Or simply take your weights, yoga mat, stability ball and toddler outside to play and exercise in the sun! I promise, after a few sets you will NOT be bored!

What do you do to change things up?

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