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Friday’s Fun Fitness!

Posted Oct 07 2008 6:24pm

On Fridays I don’t do cardio, since I do such a long run on Saturday. I don’t work on my legs either, just abs and arms and a mini warm up using my kettle bell and jump rope.

Today my kids joined me for stretching and ab work lol. It was funny. I love it when the youngest, who is almost two, almost bends in half as though it is no problem! I wish we stayed that flexible through life!

Thought it would be fun to share fun fitness ideas on Fridays. Today’s is about being a mom and trying to fit in a workout-and doing so at the park!

At times I run with the jogging stroller, and we go to a park down the street. When I do my workouts like this I use the park as my gym! I thought I’d list a few of the exercises I do when I’m at the park and dressed in workout gear.

Tree Stretch: You guessed it, I use the tree to do the leg stretch I wrote about yesterday!
Sprinting: The kids run and I chase. They love it and so do I!
Squats: As they climb the stairs and go down the slide, I do squats! Then I tickle them as they are on their way down!
Pull Ups: Pull ups on the monkey bars, of course!
Abs: I do abs in the grass while we play ring around the rosies and other games in the grass. For some reason my girls love doing ab work with me lol!
Push Ups: Against the concrete, while we use sidewalk chalk.

Hope these give you some fun ideas for the next time you have a park day and can’t figure out how to squeeze in a workout!

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