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Floating on Air-This Run Rocked

Posted Jul 22 2008 8:21pm

Don’t you love it when you have one of those runs?

I knew it would be good the moment I woke up this morning.

The minute I put on my shoes.

The second my foot hit the pavement.

I knew.

I did nine miles. I could have done another one, but I held back. Still worried about that knee. It did hurt a bit when running, but in an odd way. Almost as though it begins in the bottom of my foot and radiates up to the knee, on the side of my knee.

It better hold off forLong Beach!

Last night I got out my marathon book. I have 12 weeks until the race, but I’m on week 11 of training, so a week behind.

If all goes well, I figure I can increase my mileage by half a mile more a few times and still be on target for that run.

Today, according to the book, I should have done 10. I did 9.

I think the key to my good running this morning was resting a lot last night. I went to bed at 8:30, fell asleep at 9:30. But before that, even, I just rested.

So , here is toLong Beach. I’m going to go ahead and pay for the race tomorrow. Once I get a hundred bucks in I won’t back out! I don’t care if I have to hobble to the finish line!

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