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Flip Flops Be Gone: Shedding the Flops, for My Knees’ Sake

Posted Jul 22 2008 8:21pm

I live in Southern California and I wear flip flops.

Sounds like the beginning of a Shoe Aholic Meeting, yeah? Believe me, if you live in So Cal, you own your share of flops, and you purchase them in every color at the beginning of summer since your feet don’t see another type of shoe for months on end.

In fact, in my parts it is common to wear them year around.

But my love of flip flops has come to an end. Now that my knee has begun to hurt, I believe one of the primary reasons could be my love for these sandal-like shoes.

I’ve worn them completely, totally and absolutely for the past several years. Unless I have on my running shoes, my feet are adorned in flip flops.

No sandals. No slip ons. Very rarely a pair of ballet flats. Flip flops it is.

This study shows,though, that the stride you take when wearing a pair of flip flops can harm your ankles, soles and feet. I believe, too, it has hurt my knee. I can feel it when I’m walking in one particular pair of my favorites, a brown Old Navy. They are simple yet cute and they get me everywhere.

Rather, they did.

Today I’m taking my daughter to the store and we are searching for a pair of good, comfy, probably potentially very dorky looking cushioned sandals. I have to save my knees. I have a marathon to run.

Bye bye, flip flops. It was fun while it lasted.

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