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Posted Jan 08 2010 5:43am
I finally ran my first run of 2010! (Better late than never ;}

My car temperature gauge said it was 50° so I figured a mid-sleeved t-shirt and running jacket would do being that I read when you start out a cold run you should feel a little chilly (this is clue #1 that I have no cold weather running experience!) Yes, I needed tips on Cold Weather Running! ;}

So I fatefully headed out and did my quarter mile precursory walk to warm up. Half way through which I wanted to cut it short and start running but I figured that because of the cold I would need more warm-up not less and kept on walking. (this is clue #2 that I have no cold weather running experience!) I should have started to warm-up before I left the house!

When I started running it took me a few minutes to get my breathing straight (which is normal if I take more than a 3 day hiatus, it's like my body forgets how to breathe!) Once I got in sync, I noticed my breathing seemed to ache! The thought that came to mind was that acid was being poured down my sinuses and was pooling in my throat (not a very attractive thought and much less pleasant feeling!) it seemed to last for about a half mile.

Then I told myself: "Your running past all these cars, with this awful look on your face and they must think running is awful ... SMILE SO THEY THINK YOU ARE ENJOYING IT!?!" and as I focused on that all the other mechanics of running took over my mind and I was just running.

Time slipped away and I didn't notice anything else until I reached the final loop (about 2 miles left to go).

By this time, the sun had finished setting in a beautiful red, orange and pink display across the sky over the Granada Golf Course as Stereophonic's Drowning started to play and I had a cathartic moment!

As I ran I started to think about things I was thankful for.
I was thankful that I was running ... I was thankful that I was running 5 miles! I realized I don't know many people who can run 5 miles without stopping! ... I was thankful for the other runners on the same path, The 3 guys running separately at their own pace (much faster than mine) but for about a minute we stayed pretty much together (but still separate) All running! ... I was thankful that I am much faster than I was 9 months ago (I was averaging an 16 min/mile ... now I average just below a 12 min/mile) ... I was thankful that my Mom and Mr. Boyfriend would be there to cheer my on at the Marathon ... I was thankful for an ABSOLUTELY AWESOME MOM and an OUT OF THIS WORLD Boyfriend ... I was thankful for my *new-to-me* car and I was proud of making the responsible choice ... I was thankful for all the responsible (Read: grown up, smart, will improve finances and quality of life!) choices I made in 2009 and all the choices I was preparing to make in 2010 that would do the same ...
But then I was brought out of it by the fact that the temperature started to drop palpably.

The sun was gone and I started to FEEL the cold again as if I hadn't just run 4 miles or even warmed up at all. My mind honed in on the thought and got stuck and then I realized I wasn't wearing anything on my neck (this is clue #3 that I have no cold weather running experience!) I tired zipping up my jacket to the top but it was no use. I focused on the thought that the next time I would take an old turtle neck and cut out the neck part and wear that but the feeling still stuck!

As I arrived at my usual stop point, I decided that walking home (my usual cool-down) would again be more painful than useful and ran straight through it and the extra quarter mile home and did my cool-down in front of the TV instead.

On deck for today is another 5 miler. Today it should reach the 70s but then tomorrow and Sunday it drops back down to the 30s with the addition of rain ... EEEEK!!

Here's hoping everyone stays warm this weekend!

Happy Friday!
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