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Even More Marathon Tips - Training

Posted Aug 24 2008 1:33pm
Save your toes. Put some vasoline or BodyGlide between your toes on long runs.
Sign up. One of the most motivating things you can do is actually sign up for a marathon. Once you're committed, you're more likely to train.
Stagger your runs. Stagger your longer, more intense runs with easier runs.
Stay healthy. Do NOT run with a cold. It could make it worse.
Stretch it out. Make sure to stretch after EVERY run. And in between runs.
Taper. Try to complete three 20-mile runs 4 weeks before the event and then reduce your running miles leading up to it.
Trails are softer. Try running on trails. They're softer.
Try yoga. Yoga will help you train your mind to relax and loosen your muscles to help avoid injury.
Warm it up. Cool it down. Make sure to Warm up and cool down. stretch after you run.
Wear sunscreen. Wear sunscreen, even in winter.
Weight train. Include weight training in your marathon training schedule to build endurance in your muscles.
What's really driving you? Figure out what's really driving you to run the marathon.It will help keep you movitaved..
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