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Celebrating Sesame Street and3 Things Wednesday

Posted Nov 18 2009 10:03pm
Welcome to the neighborhood! In honor of Sesame Street turning 40 years young this week, today’s post is brought to you by the number 3. Okay kids, let’s count how many total 3 ’s we can find in what I have to say today…(If you need help, play this song and sing along as you read)

3 Things Wednesday
Leaving CSI (NYCM) – Now that I’m done with the written account and have shown the visual evidence for all the world to see, I think it’s time we officially put away the file on this marathon investigation. Before I do, let me say that 3 things that may not have been immediately clear from my description of this race. First, I don’t in any way consider this race as a failure for me. In as far as not meeting a time goal, yes it was disappointing, but it was not like it was a complete waste of time (as some may have suggested). I learned so much about the course and about myself that I know I’ll be a better and stronger runner for having gone through that. To me, NYCM was just one step of a process in my transformation to become a sub- 3 marathon runner. In my book, as long as you haven’t given up on your goals, you haven’t failed. Second, I am not sad, depressed or giving up on running just because I didn’t run my time that day. In fact, I’ve been as happy and giddy and excited about running as I’ve ever been. Since the marathon ended, I’ve been running and training and speedworking like mad and really really enjoying it. If I could somehow bottle this post marathon glow that I’ve been feeling and distribute it, I’d have no doubt it’d light up the entire city. Third, let’s pretend the almost-sub- 3 Marathon Club operates like Fight Club from now on, okay?

The Half Philly & Me – In case you haven’t heard, I’m heading down to enemy territory this weekend to participate in the Philadelphia Half Marathon. This will be my first race in PA and I’m already nervous. Originally, my plan was to run 13.1 easy and use the race as an excuse to head to Philly town to watch and cheer for friends running the full marathon, but ever since I inadvertently peeked at last year’s race results and found that the fifth place guy (top five get awards) in my age group ran a 1:27:27, I’ve worked myself into a frenzy thinking I’ve got a chance at hardware this weekend since I’ve beaten that time in 5 out of my last 7 races at the half marathon distance. Never mind that last year was a fluky year weather-wise (29 degrees at the start) and the race this year has already been sold out for weeks, once the idea and the wheels of the facebook machine start percolating, there’s no way to keep the racing thoughts at bay. So I’ll be going for it, even if it kills me, even if I end up failing miserably again. (Hey, don’t they say that it’s better to run hard and lose than not to have run at all? I’m adopting that philosphy as my mantra for this race…)

Race Goals – Speaking of the race, I’ve thought about and came up with 2 x 3 or 6 time goals for this half marathon. This is something I neglected to do in preparation for NYCM and it really showed when things got hairy at mile 22. Six might be a bit extreme but hey, no one ever complains about having too many goals to shoot for, do they? In order of reality to fantasy, they are:

1. My “Don’t Go There and Choke” Goal - Below 1:27:00
2. My “Doin’ My Thing and Representin’” Goal - Below 1:26:00
3. My “Away Game Tailgaiting” Goal - Below 1:25:16 (out of NY PR)
4. My “You Ain’t Catching Me” Goal - Below 1:24:25 (overall PR)
5. My “David Tyree Super Bowl MVP” Goal - Below 1:24:00
6. My “Omigosh That Trophy’s For Me?” Goal – An AG Award

P.S. Someone asked me if I’d be willing to wear NY gear during the race. I told her only if I’m preparing to run all the way home.

P.P.S. There are a total of 8 3’s in the post today from beginning to end. If you counted correctly, congratulations to you! Big Bird would have been proud!
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