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Butterflies? Really?

Posted Jan 23 2009 6:02pm

Event logo from the race website.

Serena: So how do you feel about Big Kahuna on Sunday?

Rick: Unexcited. I could do it, I could not do it, I don't care. Not into it.

And that's how it's been this past two weeks. I have been so unexcited about the upcoming race. People ask me and I just shrug my shoulders. Yet, yet I've tapering, making plans to clean the bike, switching out to race tires tomorrow, and this morning thinking about the race - butterflies. Someone inside is lying. Can you sandbag to yourself? I guess only if you truly have multiple personalities:)

The nagging thought in my head is that I'm not prepared for this race. Which is crazy because the two triathlons I did last year, both half-ironmans and one of them this very race, I was not prepared. Ralph's Half on March last year I went in still on the heavy side of my weight with only a handful of swims and bike rides. Big Kahuna last year I did the race two weeks after the Cascade Crest 100-miler with legs still not fully recovered from the run. I think....just a theory for the moment, it's because I know what it's like to be properly trained for a race now. The first half of this year I enjoyed the best season of training and racing. I trained well and ran excellent races. I can tell the difference now from being really prepared and just sort of prepared.

Well screw it, I'm jumping off this cliff Sunday morning. Thank God I have some endurance, barring any injury or accident I should cross that finish line one way or another. Ahahahaha...thinking like an ultra-runner. Last year I caught 70+ people on the run section and smiled every time I did it, damn the fast swimmers and bikers. I did however get passed by 3 people, all women and in their mid-40's. One of them smiled at me on her way back from the turnaround, now that's Aloha.
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