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Black Toe Nails and Blisters and Calluses, oh my!

Posted Dec 03 2009 8:23am
This might get gross!

So my feet look like a carnival of foot issues!

I am currently suffering from two toe nails in the process of falling off (one with blood, one without), a recurring blister on my pinky toe that have graduated to a blood blister and a strange kind of cork-screw calluses on the side of my toe (is that even possible) along with the regular calluses all over the place!

I am wondering if after two months (approx 170 miles logged) of running my shoes no longer fit right?

Is that possible?

Since my Post-Half-marathon-Slow-Down (two weeks ago) my foot issues have quadrupled!?!

Why don't I go get a pedicure, you ask?

Because the poor woman will freak the hell out at the sight of my feet! They never understand WHY I RUN! I have a sneaking suspicion they don't believe that I run (because in their heads Chubby Chicks aren't Runners) and they are silently thinking I am some sort of S&M Foot Demolishing Menace!

I didn't have this many issues before?

I've also developed a recurring hip-pinch which seems to be easily cured by a foam rolling session post run.

I know I am not stretching nearly enough!

I wonder if all this is happening because of my slow down?

Which I also know is happening because I have stopped my cross-training which was highly beneficial in that it's what was keeping my knees and other body parts from aching!

Hmmm ... Better get moving all increasing cross-training and stretching!

Or we will have more repeats of last night:

Distance: 8.12 miles
Time: 1:46:02
Pace: 13:02

Why do I keep seeing Slow Poke Ramirez (Speedy Gonzalez' Slower Cousin) in my head!

Happy Thursday!
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