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Becoming a Physical Fitness Trainer

Posted Jul 22 2008 8:21pm

So I’ve been battling with the idea of becoming a fitness trainer.

I have a plan in mind, a long term goal that I’d like to reach. Mainly it deals with working with parents and their children to develop a healthy lifestyle and exercise routine. So, the focus, I guess, is the family.

My reasons for not following my plan are really, maybe, rather stupid: my age.

I’m almost 40.

I’m in good shape, I have owned a business (and still do) so I know how this all works. I don’t have any fears of studying for or passing the exam.

I’m stuck on my age.

I keep asking myself this question: Are there people out there who would be interested in having a 40 year old and older woman as a personal trainer?

Isn’t this a job for the younger group? At 40, shouldn’t I be more focused on doing something behind the scenes?

Then I know the truth: If I were to go to a trainer I’d want someone who resembled my own type as closely as possible. Someone who had kids and knew the problems associated with pregnancy and working out, post-pregnancy bodies, losing weight after having kids, and fitting in exercise when you are so busy you can barely sleep, much less jog.

So, I’ve come here with this dilemma and am asking this of you: Would you hire a personal trainer, or attend a class run by a personal trainer, who was a 40 year old or older woman?

Or would you think,Dang, she’s old! I want someone young and fit!

My future career is hanging on your words of wisdom. Not to pressure you or anything (wink wink-just a joke!)

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