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Back to the Gym for a Swim Today

Posted Sep 22 2008 10:25am

Things seem to be back on track now.

We headed to the girls this morning, got there a little after eight and I did a 35 minute swim. It was a great swim. Only issue is that I had eaten my oatmeal beforehand and kept burping it up. Nothing like burping while swimming . . . not so good!

I know I have said this before but I really love swimming. lt is just me and the water, no other sounds. No impact. Nice and quiet and just womb-like, I suppose. I enjoy the stretch it gives my sides, and always feel as though I have had a good workout when I get done. I’d like to have an accurate way to count calories, just out of curiosity, to know what you really burn when you swim. I know some great formulas for figuring this out when running and walking but not with swimming. If you have one, let me know!

The girls had fun in the childcare center. I’m going to miss the gym when we move, and it is funny because I really wasn’t sure I was going to join the gym at first. I figured it would be a waste of money, but I use the membership constantly.

Afterward I took the girls to the park and we had a picnic. We ran into a friend of mine who lives a few doors down. The girls had fun, and it was great to be out of the ’sick house’ and into the sunshine for a change. We saw a few blue birds, smelled some roses, and played on the slides.

So I looked around a lot lately and realized what my blog is missing: Photos! So I thought I would start adding them to my posts. I realize that I am more attracted to blogs with photos.

I’m going to do a photo documentary of sorts. First, the things that I will miss most from here: At least those that I still have time to photograph.

Then: Our trek across the country. I thought it would be fun to show and share all of these things with readers! I hope you enjoy them.

In the meantime, I’m taking some ideas from one of my favorite blogs, Fab, Fit and 40, and incorporating some food photos for you! I figure since I’m food journaling this week, it may be fun to share what I eat. (I am addicted to food lol. I read food magazines, watch food on television, love to look at pictures of food . . . you could say it is somewhat of an obsession of mine! I enjoy the kitchen almost as much as running . . . but not quite!)

My Food Journal!
I was bad today, pigged out on the chocolate chip cookies we baked! I am not a sweets person, but I LOVE LOVE LOVEwarm chocolate chip cookies! I just can’t resist! Once they cool down, I don’t eat them. But when they are warm and they are sugary and chocolaty and OH MY GOSH! So we baked some today. Want to know how they turned out?

Here they are on a plate:
cookies on a plate

And here is what my wee one thought about them! (She ran to her chair when I asked if she wanted one!)

Breakfast: (Pre Swim)


Snack after swim:
Tiger Milk Bar

Pita bread, turkey, cheese, avocado, pretzels

Half a banana with peanut butter

Two (and a half!) cookies (and some cookie dough!)

Fresh snapper with lemon
carrots (steamed, fresh, baby)
pierogies with sour cream (2)


According to Spark People I only ate 1700 calories today. Weird, felt like I ate more than yesterday! Maybe it was that sugar.

I swam for 35 minutes, and according to Spark People burned 210 calories for that 35 minutes.

So, total calories consumed (minus the workout) is only 1490.

Hm, maybe I should hit that cookie plate again! Nah, they are cold now . . .

Off to do some reading. The kids are both in bed, husband is home and relaxing, so maybe we can have some nice quiet time tonight.

Here’s hoping everyone sleeps all night long again!

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