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An Excel Sheet Gone Rouge

Posted Jul 18 2011 3:18pm
So last week I started my training again.  It was a good first week back logging in almost 12 miles on the treadmill.  I'm not happy that they were all on the treadmill but I will take what I can get for now and work on changing it up some in the next few weeks ... though considering August is on the horizon, I may be seeing more of the treadmill than I like in the next few weeks.

So today, as I decided to listen to Anthony Robbins  Get the Edge , something I like to do when I need a little motivational kick in the rear, and considering I just finished Grad School, I was hoping for a little bit of direction ... and as I listened ... I returned to thinking of all the things I was working on before starting Grad School.

Then I had an AH HA MOMENT!!!  I was training for the ING MARATHON!

Life and Grad School got in the way and I had a less than stellar performance then ...

But now, a google search and an Excel sheet later, I am thinking of going for the ING MIAMI in January 2012.  I had already set a Goal of doing the 13.1 Fort Lauderdale in November which fits well into the plan so why not?

I have penciled in last week to be Week 0 and will start some serious base building in the upcoming weeks.

I have 28 wonderful weeks of training ahead of me.

Wish me luck!

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