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A bet at work puts the pressure on

Posted May 15 2009 12:33am
*Updated info at bottom
**Another update at bottom
***and another

Well unfortunately the director of the company that I work for learned that I run long distances. He also learned that another employee at our San Antonio facility is a runner. The difference between me and the other runner is that I am slow and he is fast. He ran his last marathon in 3:30, but he walked about 6 miles and was sick. I think he ran another marathon in 2:30 or something crazy.

So anyway, the cmpy director is a competitive guy and wants to have a bet between us. We're both running the Boston Marathon this April and the director is going to use this Heartbreak Hill Striders Age-Graded Calculator to find out who's the better runner. If he's better, then the San Antonio employees will get a free day off work. If I'm better, then us Indy folks will get the day off.

Based on my results from my best marathon, I fall into the top 64% of my age group. The other guy falls into the top 88% group or something. Although I'm semi-competitive, I don't like this bet because the other guy is obviously way faster than me. There's too much pressure.

I just talked to the director this morning and he said that guy is running 90 miles a week. That's ridiculous! Who has time/motivation for that much? I thought my dinky 40 miles a week was good.

I told the director to change the bet because there's no way I'll win. I told him if we did a bet on long distance races (such as ultras), I'd be happy to win that one. I challenged the guy to run Land Between the Lakes 50 Miles or Mohican 100 Miles with me but it's 100% doubtful he'll try it.

Anyway....I might bump my mileage up to 50 miles a week in February just to get closer to him, but that's still far away from 90. Wish me luck!

*I just found out that I might get some leeway on my Boston finishing time. The bet might state that if I finish within x amount of time from the other guy, I win. Keep your fingers crossed.

**Okay...the bet is official- I have to finish within 40 minutes of the other guy's time. His goal time is 2:40 and so I am pretty sure (KNOCK ON WOOD) that I can finish by 3:29 (hopefully sooner). Also, this is that guy first's Boston marathon and I think he's only run 2-3 marathons in his life.

***The winner does not get a day off work. Instead, the whole facility will get a cookout in your name and a trophy up in the gym.
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