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A 25th birthday review... finally.

Posted Mar 08 2011 4:52pm
Look, I'm back! I promise I am out of my sugar-induced-coma from my Quarter Century celebration and am back in action. Sure, my 25th birthday was over a week ago , but with the amount of sugar I ate it took awhile to rebound from.

Mike spoiled me WAY too much to kick off the birthday with birthday cake pancakes . If you are a fan of having a sugar buzz by 9am, I highly recommend you try out this recipe immediately! I couldn't get over how good they were. Just check out that sugary goodness (and the super cute sprinkle stars on top).

As if the breakfast overload wasn't enough, I got to indulge even more that night. After a 7 mile run on the 'mill to get back to feeling like a real person, I headed out in the snow (yep - I had a snow day on my birthday! Amazing.) and joined some of my closest friends for dinner at Cilantro . While we don't have many restaurants in Akron, the ones we do have are awesome, and Cilantro is no exception. I had my fair share of cocktails and Thai, and was completely surprised with a cake from Sara that was yummy and chocolately and amazingly vegan. Seriously... this cake was the beyond words. Enter again a giddy five year old girl. Good thing my friends didn't judge me too much for being excited about cake.

I seriously could not have asked for a better day-of birthday celebration. I've been really lucky the past few years and have had some amazing birthday celebrations, and this one certainly stood up to the rest.

Yep... I wore shorts on my birthday. Whatever.

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, Mike had another surprise up his sleeve! That Saturday, he surprised me with a trip to the Cleveland Botanical Gardens for Orchid Mania with Darlene and Jon. Talk about a surprise! I knew we were going, but thought we'd be going alone. You can imagine how confused I was when Mike began pushing me to get ready faster ("Umm... did you not see what I consumed yesterday? No. I will not hurry.") so I figured something was up. I'm no orchid expert (and I think I drove everyone crazy with shouting "We're going to the Orchid Festival!") but I know a pretty flower when I see one, and these flowers were preeeeetty nice.

We had a great time and, yep, ended up eating more sugar. Shocking. We paired the botanical gardens with a trip to Presti's in Little Italy for the best lemon bars I have ever had. Of course, I accidentally ended up trying everyone else's desserts. It was still my birthday, right? :)

I think I'm accidentally turning into a food blogger...

Sugar coma relapse.


Up next: my Shamrock 15k Race Recap! aka, my 25-29 age group debut. ;)
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