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2012 - A Look Back

Posted Dec 31 2012 9:26am
After the Highlights of 2012 post , I still wanted to do a month-by-month recap of the year. (Although I realize that the only person interested in reading this would be me :) )

January: Where I start the Year with a Bang

What could be a better start than a PR on Jan 1st? 32:53, that I never imagined of since I was aiming for 34:XX. A 4+ minute PR from last year. I went on to another 5k PR of 32:16 in August in the Vinings Downhill 5k, but this was the one that gave me confidence.

Another highlight was an awesome run I had in the San Francisco Bay Park. I went there on work and took the chance to run next to the bay. Although I was slightly nervous about running all by myself, it was gorgeous!

February: Where the craziness continues, before it has ended

I signed up for my 2nd Chicago Marathon (3rd overall marathon in 12 months!!). I was going to sign up for Marine Corps, but this one came up and I did! This year, I am hiding my credit cards in February.

March: Where I run my near perfect Marathon

New Orleans Marathon - THE race I'd planned for and executed to perfection. A 30 minute PR from Chicago 6 months ago. And the whole race was amazing.

April: Where I am a Mother Runner

I was carrying my NOLA fitness into summer and feeling very confident about starting a good training season for Chicago. I was doing 11:30 - 12:00 mile runs of 6-8 miles with ease (on flat, at least).

I met Sarah and Dimity, the moms behind Another Mother Runner . I had read their books, and meeting them was absolutely awesome ! (In December, Looking back at the ease of interaction that we now have on twitter, I am amazed that I met them *just* 8 months ago!!)

May: Where I Chill and Pack in lbs

An India Trip!! And an extra 5 lbs weight put on.

June: Where I Face my First Running Injury

A roller coaster of emotions - I start running after I get back from India and I'm "diagnosed" with Stress Fracture , which later  turns out to be severe shin splits caused by tight calf muscles . New shoes and I'm on my way to training hard for Chicago. But not before I've spent a miserable 2 weeks in crutches and tears.

July: Where I meet the Man behind Yasso800s

I enjoy some good running as I ease back,  some good advice , good friends as I wait for my family to come back from India, and some great initiation into the world of cycling at the  Tour De France .

The highlight was meeting Bart Yasso , who was awesome enough to come down to our interval sessions and stay for dinner.

August: Where I have a Crazy Running Adventure Day with Becca

We run the Vinings Downhill 5k in the morning, where I PR at 32:16 by 35 seconds (they weren't joking when they named it "downhill"!), and then do the Alien Haf Marathon in the night, where I have the worst time of my halfs. But we stayed together and had a super fun time.

September: Where I gain Confidence and am itching to get to Chicago 

Nothing remarkable about the month, except that I have great long runs leading to Chicago. I am v ery very pleased with my 21 miler and I am confident in meeting my goals for Chicago marathon. The season might have had its ups and downs, but I have still put in the effort and looking forward to Chicago.

October: Where I ran a Marathon when I shouldn't have

I fell sick a week before the marathon, with what I thought was common cold. It slowly morphed into something bigger, and I woke up the day of the marathon with chest congestion, cold and high fever - the classic Influenza patient. Instead of DNS and resting, I quack myself up to the neck in over the counter medications and run the marathon. An emotional wreck after the race, I proceed to embarrass myself and cry buckets on shoulders.

Needless to say, I don't reach my goals .

November: Where I battle Sickness and DNS Philly Marathon

The effects of running a marathon with flu carries over and the flu now becomes bronchitis. I am weak and tired and in no condition to run Philly Marathon, my plan B race. I am still stubborn and don't want to give up (having paid for airfare, hotel and race), but getting Streph 2 weeks before Philly is the final nail in the coffin.

I write off Philly and I am secretly swearing to no marathons until I get my act of staying healthy together again.

December: Where I am Drawn into the Endless Cycle Again 

I am determined to just run because I love it and not get burnt out/bogged down by miles. I start back on swimming twice a week and take up trail running, thanks to initiation by the Big Peach Running. Taking advantage of the warmer than normal December weather, I explore the trails in my backyard , never knowing that they existed.

And inspite of swearing off marathons (secretly!), and struggling with IT band issues, I succumb to peer pressure and the lure of a HUGE bling to sign up for Little Rock Marathon in March.

And so the cycle continues into 2014....

How was your year? Do you have a month-by-month recap? 
Feel free to link your blog in the comments! 
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