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15 miles-11.2 miles & 9 weeks to go until M-Day!

Posted Oct 18 2008 2:34pm

So yesterday I did my 15 miler. I have to say, I was nervous going in. Not that any runs have been bad. I don’t hit that wall I’ve heard about.  I do hate the last three and a half miles, but it is an ugly part of the run , and I think that it deflates me mentally to head down the street, punch the walk button, stop at lights, inhale exhaust . . . you get the picture.

This Saturday’s run was awesome. I downed two gel packs, a bottle of water and some goldfish crackers-yay for goldfish! Easy to pack, easy to eat, taste great, less filling . . .

I held off on music until mile 11.5, which meant I listened only during those last 3.5 dreaded miles home. That was good. It seemed to go much more quickly this time around and I got a lot of thinking done.

My toes went numb-big deal if you have been following me, right?! Only this time just before they conked out for good-around mile #9.5, I stepped on a rock. Damn that rock! It hurt so bad I stopped in my tracks, doubled over, and almost yelled out in pain. I thought I saw stars. I mean, that mother hurt! I thought for an instant I would have to call my husband and have him come pick me up. Remembered I had $2 and a Starbucks was nearby.

Then, almost instantly, all pain was gone. I mean all pain in the toe area, gone, like that! I went from instant pain to instant bliss in 0.1 seconds.

I don’t know if the rock hit that nerve that goes numb or what, but it hurt, then it was gone, and I ran for about two more miles before feeling anything in that foot!

Oh, glorious rocks! One minute of intense pain and then several miles of pure bliss.

I have not had any dizziness from running now that I’m eating during the run and then immediately following. I came home on Saturday and had a bagel with cream cheese and a banana with peanut butter, then a bit later had a small snack. and of course, I had those goldfish!

Yay for goldfish (have i said this already?!)

So I am past my halfway point. i’m just two months out from the marathon. I’m going to do this! I really am!
Oh, but wait, i have to go 17 miles on Saturday.


I hit one milestone and then bam, this other huge milestone stares back at me.

Went to the shoe store on Saturday and bought my marathon shoes. Back to Saucony’s and glad to be home. Don’t know why I switched in the first place.

Now, off to bed. I have a 4:30 AM appt with the gym to swim and speed train, and a 6 AM appt with Starbucks.Work is busy, the girls are busy and we are busy, but would we have it any other way?

I mean, how can you be crazy enough to train for a marathon unless you are, well,  crazy?

Keep running!

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