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I have been reflecting on the last 2 years of my life and I’m amazed at the positive changes I have made for myself.  So much so that I started...

Do acidic foods really cause acid reflux?

I hit up my daily dose of healthy living reading at and found an article I got to call out as total B.S.   This article, Acid...

Taking a step forward: incorporate eggs into your diet

I often feel misunderstood…but I don’t think it can compare to how an egg feels…if an egg could “feel”.   Eggs have a bad reputation for raising...

Make the soda craving go away!

The other morning I was craving a diet coke.   Images of a tall glass filled to the brim with diet coke and the perfect amount of ice were dancing...

It’s Autumn and I want some comfort food! Is Acorn Squash the answer?

It’s a typically autumn Saturday afternoon in Ohio.   It’s chilly, I’m battling a little cold, and college football is blaring on the...

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