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Dec 12 2008 by Aliesa George

Hi Mandi! 

It's great that you've been to your doctor to get things checked out.  I'm not a doctor - so can't begin to give you advice on what to do or even make a guess at why it's like that.  Even though your x-rays and MRI didn't find anything...did you ask your physician if it was anything to be concerned about, or if there are options to do anything for it???

I'm always open to the possibility that exercise might make things more even, and Pilates training would be excellent for getting good mobility through the spine and ribcage.  Chances are there's some scar tissue around the ribs that were injured, and breathing habits may have been altered since when the ribs hurt chances are there was no deep breathing going on.

There's a great Breathing article on my website  with some easy things you can do at home that might be helpful.  Always good to touch base with your Dr. before doing anything new, especially since it's post-injury.

Hope this helps!


Nov 24 2008 by Mandi
My husband broke 3 lower right ribs about 4 years ago, after they healed we discovered a lump on his lower right ribcage where he had broken them, it looks like a oversized fat roll compared to the other side.  He says it never hurts or bothers him, I will push on it and ask him if it hurts and he says no, we got x-rays, they came out fine and an MRI and it turned out fine, this was about a year ago, it gets bigger when he gains weight and smaller when he looses weight, and when I push on it I can feel his ribs so its not like a hard lump, it just looks and feels like a normal fat roll, but when he stands up it does stick out very noticeable with his shirt off and it has stretch marks around it where it grew.  He is a big man in the first place but these marks weren't there until the roll started getting bigger.  So is this something we should worry about or is this maybe normal in some cases of broken ribs?  He actually broke them twice 2 different times.  One the first time and then 2 the second time.