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 know what you are thinking, another weight loss blog? But hey, this is my adventure of life on the scale. Follow me as I try to stop my addiction to "fast and processed" food. My goal is to lose weight and start eating more organic and natural. It won't be easy.... I am 33,... Full Bio
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What I did this Summer.................

Well hello there, remember me? I guess I owe it to all my dear old blog fans and friends what has been going on with...

I did it!

I did it my friends, and I couldn't be happier right now. When I started this March, I had zero expectations. I have been living morbidly obese...

my not so friendly scale

My not so friendly scale isn't doing much this week, however, TOM is looming. Sucks. I am not giving up!

Just another Manic Monday (Wish it were Sunday)

Well, Monday has rolled around again and showed it's face. Its funny, I never used to care about Mondays or weekends, they all were the same...

Day 15

I haven't had much time to post. Its been busy at the store and at home. I did show a one pound loss on Monday. It wasn't the loss that I was...

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