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My name is Debra, Debbie, Deb. I'm the oldest of 7 children, born and raised in the mid-west. Was in the Army when we were still WACs. Married to the same man for more than 30 years, and Retired (both of us). Have strong opinions that I love voicing but others hate hearing. I quit smoking in... Full Bio
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4.5 years and still not smoking

It's been a very long time since I've blogged and I want to apologize to all the wonderful men and women I met during my quit. I wouldn't be here...

Start Again?

I started blogging essentially when I quit smoking more than two years ago - OMG, it's actually been that long, I'm amazed. I'm still quit...


I want to apologize to all those blogs I drop on everyday but today EC was down the vast majority of the day and now when I have some time the day...

From Howdy Doody to Erectile Dysfunction

I enjoy watching “some” television but I’m increasingly disillusioned with the advertising and the programing of most channels. No doubt I...

What I think about paying for healthcare

So much debate (as there should be) on health care reform and it's gotten me to thinking about why there are so many people that feel that health...

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