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Rochester, New York
I'm a former Computer Programmer turned stay at home mom of two.  I lost 35 lbs to reach my healthy weight in 2008 when I revamped my approach to healthy living.  My blog,  , captures my adventures in maintaining my healthy weight, healthy eating, running, parenting and healthy... Full Bio
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Intermittent Fasting Lately

The post I wrote on Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss back in March of 2011 is the post that drives the most amount of traffic from...

Waiting For the Other Shoe to Drop

Years ago, whenever life was going smoothly, I would find myself thinking, “How long is it going to be until something sh*tty happens and...

The Birthful Podcast: My HBA2C Story

This post has very little to do with food (unless you count a castor oil vanilla milkshake) but has at least a little something to do with...

Dairy Free Gluten Free Quiche*

*Except it’s not a Quiche, it’s a Frittata. I planned to make a quiche for a small gathering over the weekend.  I realized later I needed to...

The One Where I Tell You How it All Came Together

Hi there! It’s been a while, I know.  Almost a year since my last blog post.  Yikes.  I’m finally ready explain where I’ve been. You...

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