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Make Food Not Body War is all about making peace with our bodies through healthy eating, fun times, and real-life discussions about body image etc.
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Doors and Windows

We’ve all heard that saying “When God closes one door, He opens a window.” I first heard it in my beloved musical-turned-movie, The Sound of...

Renewed Inspiration

Hello, Friends. It’s been a long time since my last post.  A really long time. There’s a lot that I can blame/attribute this to:...

A Project Worth Supporting

Hey Friends! Long time no blog!  I’ve been busy student teaching and tying up the loose ends that go along with that.  Also, I’ve been busy...

Burn Out

I’m sure you’ve been there before.  That feeling that you just don’t want to do that thing you’re supposed to do…that thing you have to do.  You...


Sometimes, all I can do is sit back and marvel at how things in my life literally come full circle.  Over the summer, I had the possible eating...

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