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Fibroids, Morcellation and Uterine Cancer

Put on your thinking cap, ladies, maybe even pour yourself a glass of wine if it’s 5:00 somewhere, and get ready to take in some fascinating and...

Femmerol: A Most Excellent Alternative Treatment for Perimenopause Symptoms

Let’s just say it right out of the gate: Femmerol is a great alternative product to manage perimenopause symptoms, for all my readers out there...

Cranberry Juice and D-Mannose for UTIs in Perimenopause

Did you know that UTIs (urinary tract infections) are such a common and frequent health problem for women that they account for over 6 million...

Dried Plums for Your Bones in Menopause!

Science Daily  cited a study on plums as medicine for osteoporosis, giving new hope for women who fear becoming dried up, wrinkled prunes in their...

Birth Control Pills for Perimenopause Symptoms?

I’ve never been a huge fan of birth control pills. Though, like many young women in the 60s and 70s, I certainly tried them.  I also had a lot of...
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Nov 08 2010 by jc1870

 I've been having strange things happen to me on and off for over ayear now, I'm 44 years old this week I've woken screaming saturated in sweat, feeling like I'm going to have a heart attack. I've had heart flutters all week and sweats and funny heads only at night, I wake up all over thr place. This always coincides with around my time of the month.  I've felt so ill this week the doctors cant find anything wrong with me.  what can I do or take to help me?


Sep 10 2010 by ArielDee
Hi, my name is Dee and I've been going through perimentalpause for the past 2 years now. To say that my life and mind, body and soul have been completely blown apart by this lovely transition, is an understatement. Yet I am still standing, and I am here to share my story and my support with those women in need.

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