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Estroven® Intimacy Kit for Vaginal Dryness & Loss of Libido in Perimenopause

I’ve made no small hay about how much I like Estroven®.  Both as a company and as a product. I review a lot of products here at my blog.  But for...

Sabrosa Sweet Dreams: Relief for Anxiety, Insomnia, & Hot Flashes in Perimenopause

This is an interesting product. It’s different, and frankly, not a product that one would think of when it comes to treating perimenopause...

Books for Your Perimenopause & Menopause Library

Getting through perimenopause is an adventure all its own.  Navigating mood swings, hot flashes, and every other cockamamie symptom that seems to...

High Doses of Vitamin D do Not Improve Bone Health for Menopausal Women?

An article posted at Medical News cites a randomized clinical trial study, conducted to test the effects of low-dose Vitamin D...

GAO to Investigate Morcellator Device

Last month I wrote a post about a controversial procedure and device used to treat fibroid tumors in women. The procedure is called “morcellation”...
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Nov 08 2010 by jc1870

 I've been having strange things happen to me on and off for over ayear now, I'm 44 years old this week I've woken screaming saturated in sweat, feeling like I'm going to have a heart attack. I've had heart flutters all week and sweats and funny heads only at night, I wake up all over thr place. This always coincides with around my time of the month.  I've felt so ill this week the doctors cant find anything wrong with me.  what can I do or take to help me?


Sep 10 2010 by ArielDee
Hi, my name is Dee and I've been going through perimentalpause for the past 2 years now. To say that my life and mind, body and soul have been completely blown apart by this lovely transition, is an understatement. Yet I am still standing, and I am here to share my story and my support with those women in need.

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