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I am a 20-something year old living in new york city. I have a passion for healthy living and for writing hence the reason why I love blogging so much. I am currently an MBA student majoring in finance but wondering whether I am on the right path to what a want to do in life---this might be the... Full Bio
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Fortunate Fridays {Incredibly Grateful} Edition

Ummm how is it Friday already?!  How are you guys doing?! First of all, my apologies for missing last week's Fortunate Friday post. I was on...

Fortunate Fridays {Friendships are golden & Self Improvement edition}

This week FLEW! I almost forgot to post this but here I am-- as it is my Friday tradition. I wont waste much time on random stuff and just get to...

Fortunate Fridays {out of my comfort zone} edition

Hey everyone! Friday is here once again. Although I love my job, I definitely welcome this little break. I have a couple of friends coming over...

Fortunate Fridays! {proud of my friends} Edition

View of the house from the lake Osvaldo and I (thanks for driving :) Lamija and I :) ...and with...

Fortunate Fridays {In love with the city and my job} Edition

Hey Everyone,   How was your week? I have quite the busy—yet super exciting—weekend ahead of me. Although I am in DC and 4th  of July  is...

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