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Lynn W.

Saint Paul, Minnesota
Founder and CEO of The WeCo (Wehrman Collaborative), an organization which: 1. Fosters career development and financial independence for individuals living with disabilities. 2. Provides real-life accessible user testing for websites and electronic documents. 3. Facilitates Transportation Demand Management planning and monitoring for buildings, office parks, cities, counties and states.
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May 26 2011 by Lynn W.

Hi, Lynda.  I've learned to eat more fruits and vegetables by making them my "default" food.  They are the first considered ingrediant when I'm meal planning, shopping and snacking.  Once I've had a fruit or vegetable, I can move on to a whole grain, protein or starch of some kind.

Regarding my company, we don't do financial counseling, but the work we provide for disabled contractors does offer them a degree of financial independence they may not have encountered before. 


Apr 12 2011 by tremedicure
Welcome with loud applause, Cheers!
Apr 11 2011 by Lynn W.
Finally, the warm sunshine is here and it's going to be a beautiful week!  Happy Spring!