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Lynn R.

Lynn R., is a health psychologist who specializes in mindfulness-based interventions for weight management, stress, and a healthy lifestyle. She developed and researched a successful and innovative approach to weight management using mindfulness practice and the philosophy of intuitive eating.... Full Bio
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Mindfully Having Your Holiday Treats

We are smack in the middle of the holiday grazing period.  All of the break rooms are filled with candy, cookies, donuts, chocolate, cakes,...

Feast On Your Life At Thanksgiving

We all have many memories of past Thanksgivings. If you are like me, some are fantastic and a few are not all that great.  When I was a...

A Mindful Halloween Meditation

Yes, anything you bring your attention to turn it into a meditation—even Halloween! So, let me tell you a little story and share my...

5 Tips for People Too Busy to Meditate

When someone tells me he is too busy to meditate, I know he is just the person that needs it most. The busier you are, the more you need to...

Mindfulness-based, Intuitive Eating – Learning to Trust the Body

Your body is a magnificent instrument that is designed to move you toward a state of health on a moment by moment basis.  Just think about...

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