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Chicago, Illinois
I am a former paramedic, former insurance claim investigator, and the mother of five!  My youngest has had many hospitalizations and medical emergencies.  She is fed by g-tube and I have become a specialist in g-tubes.  
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New Symptoms. What to do.

Over the course of my daughter’s 14.5 year life, we have had new symptoms pop up every couple years. This year was no exception. She began...

Genetic Testing & DNA

Natalie has had LOTS of genetic testing.  There’s never been a diagnosis that encompasses more than one or two of her … issues. I remember...

Today’s check-in

Happy Saturday Ladies! I started out at 199.0 today I am at 178.1 Giggle!


My last post referenced the book by George Estreich.  I am enjoying this book so much.  I have not been able to read it as I normally read...

New Book

I’m reading a new book titled  by George Estreich. What an excellent book!  He is the father of Laura, who has Down Syndrome.  Feeding...

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Aug 12 2009 by Lynn
I walked for HOURS yesterday on an outing with Little Miss. Great fun! My feet are sore today.


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