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Hume, New York
I used to eat everything in sight. I now avoid gluten, casein, soy, eggs, yeast, sugar, citrus, anything acidy, sulfites and I feel better. The quality of my life has improved greatly. I added bike riding but due to the Wintry weather I am going to jump on my mini trampoline inside the house... Full Bio
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quick lessons in life with Hashimotos

better day

Returning to plant based has helped so I proved I can have non plants but should limit them. oh...the journey to feel the best I can feel is...

frankly, frustrated

tummy teeter totter lately...yes I eat meat and fish and poultry again and don't want to attribute my tummy woes to a return to doing that, more...

Teeter totter tummy

Trying my best to feel my best but challenges prevail. The reality is I have an AI disease or condition and that is what I am dealing with....

Been a while...

For a while I could not get on this blog, but this time I was able to so here goes... Tried vegan lifestyle plus gluten free and soy free...felt...

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Sep 18 2008 by Lynn B.
I rode 16 miles again today! I feel great!
Sep 16 2008 by Lynn B.
I rode my bike 16 miles today...hooray!
Jun 10 2008 by Lynn B.
I rode 8 miles today on my bike and got sunburned arms. Other than getting a cramp in my right foot at about 4 miles, it was a great ride.

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