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Lynette Sheppard Registered Nurse

Hoolehua, Hawaii
I'm a Registered Nurse, but these days my job (read passion) is connecting with and disseminating... Full Bio
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I'm a Registered Nurse, but these days my job (read passion) is connecting with and disseminating the wisdom of menopausal women via my blog at A core group of menopausal goddesses came together to make sense of the Changes assaulting us. What we learned and shared helped us beyond our wildest imaginings. Our small community has since expanded to a larger virtual community where we continue to share and grow every day. We're tackling not only menopause but the challenges of midlife and creating who we wish to be for the second half of our lives. Our new book of wit, wisdom, and whimsy is now available exclusively on our website. It's titled "The Big M" - it's everything you want and need to know about this transition. Our introductory girlfriend's special for a limited time (thru December 2008) means you'll buy one copy at regular price and get the 2nd for half price - so you can give one to a girlfriend!) For more official type biographical info on me, see below: Bio In addition to being the official 'Scribe? for the Goddesses, Lynette Sheppard has these credentials. She is: A former Nurse-Manager, head of Intensive Care and Coronary Care units in Santa Rosa, California for 10+ years, with a focus on both allopathic and alternative medicine. A published author of numerous articles on healing and health. A featured speaker at national health symposia, such as American Association of Critical Care Nursing, National Hyperbaric Medicine Symposium, International Association of Human Caring in Melbourne, Australia. An expert on the Enneagram of personality; author of The Everyday Enneagram, A Personality Map For Enhancing Your Work, Love, and Life...Everyday, she consults with myriad businesses and organizations. A hula dancer learning Hawai`ian language in her adopted home of Moloka`i. A photographer and artist. A midlife, menopausal woman who continues to go through changes and is lucky enough to have the Goddesses to help her through them.