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Lynette Sheppard Registered Nurse

Hoolehua, Hawaii
I'm a Registered Nurse, but these days my job (read passion) is connecting with and disseminating... Full Bio
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Health Maven's Answer
Apr 16 2012 1:55am
Dear Jayne, Many things can cause disruption of your cycle. The onset of Menopause... more
Mar 12 2014 7:35pm
As my area of expertise is Menopause, I googled natural treatment for PCOS - lots of... more
Mar 12 2014 7:31pm
Dear Dorothy, Definitely many changes go on during Menopause, and yes sensitivity... more
Mar 12 2014 7:25pm
Dear Julie, It certainly can be Menopause - some women skip periods, some (like me)... more
Feb 12 2013 7:45pm
Sigh. I really feel your pain. Most of us goddesses have tried various diets with... more
Jul 21 2012 3:29am
LIbido can certainly suffer during menopause. Add to that vaginal dryness, fatigue,... more
Jul 21 2012 3:24am
So many factors can affect getting off HRT - like thyroid problems and more. My... more
May 08 2012 7:51pm
Aug 09 2011 12:45am
Yes, but it can also be a symptom of many other conditions, so to be sure, get checked... more
Aug 16 2011 6:41pm
Dear pghmom, Are you in menopause? I was recently involved in a study and they... more
Aug 16 2011 6:40pm
Dear Ann, Sigh - I can relate to feeling "unwell" since the onset of... more
Aug 16 2011 6:36pm