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Aug 16 2011 by Lynette Sheppard
Dear JB, Sadly it can be normal. Best to get checked out by an MD, though, blood pressure, hormone status, etc. If it is just hot flashes (and many of us have had them that bad - I feel for you), the good news is that it doesn't last forever. Good luck and stay cool. (Sorry for the late answer - never was notified by Wellsphere of your post. If you need more help or have more questions, visit Menopause Goddess Blog and click contact us.
Nov 22 2010 by JB
I have   headache  and hot  flaches  ...My  ears  get  red  and my  head  gets   so  dam  hot   clamy  to the   touch  but  it  only  lasts  a few  minutes ...Only  concern is  that it  happens often  thru the  day   ...Question is   it normal  to  flash  that often  and  have  your hed  get  so hot?  it  happens   every  hr or  so ...I am  52  and   my  periuods  are  crazy   for  the  past  6-8  months  now  ...Thankx  JB in  Nova  Scotia  Canada
Apr 14 2009 by Kathleen D.
Great, prolific Health Maven answering! Go, Lynette!