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I think percocet makes me sleepy which I take for chronic burning all over pain of neuropathy.

I have had neuropathy for 23 years and it is gradually growing worse as the doctors have predicted.  When the burning is really bad, I take...

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Jan 01 2009 by lympi

Hi - I didn't ask for that picture, but sometimes the computer does what it wants to do.  Typically, though, my husband does have to hold my hand so that I can walk without falling.  I have had peripheral neuropathy, the kind they call, idiopathic for 23 years.  The burning pain all over my body is a daily experience.  It takes my energy and sometimes, my mood, although I try not to let that happen.

I have four grown children of whom I am very proud and six grandchildren, ages 9 to 25.  Guess that makes me around 76.  I try to set a daily schedule so that I will accomplish something.  I have one published novel, a couple published poem and am working on another novel that is going slowly.  So, that is about it, about me.



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